Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The top Secrets behind Students' Failure in Examinations

I have constantly been in dilemma about why students fail in examinations even after reading so well for the examination and it came to my mind to ask questions. The only thing in my mind was why, why and why?

I met few guys to give me answers, but all they could tell me was that before exams they used to read very hard even reading a text book more than twice before the exam on the subject/course. They asked me isn't that what we are supposed to do? And I told them yes you were right in reading hard. Then why do they fail at the end of the day?
Many a student asks questions like these.

Here are the reasons why students fail or get below their expectations.

First it is the kind of book you read. Students who read very hard fall victim of this. They read morning, afternoon and night at the end of the day they start complaining 'this is not my result' guy lets face it; it is your result but the problem is you didn't read the right books. Every exam has its own style of question which is MOSTLY embedded in the syllabus if you don't read in line with the schemes you are in trouble already even before the exam. Sometimes, the books you read contain things quite different from your syllabus but because you presume that the book is on the same course/subject you go ahead in reading USELESSLY hard.

Even when you find the
right books what next. Study SMARTLY not hard. What do i mean by saying 'study in a smart way'? At times we read pass the place that the questions will likely come from without noticing it which is dangerous to our marks. So ask yourself questions when you read and test how capable you are.

Another thing is illogical reading or not even reading between the lines. This is what I personally call mathematical reading. Here if you don't get a simple math about the time year of somethings you are reading it is a problem. If MIRANDA is 15 years old and she arrived the island when she was 3 you should know how many years she has spent on the island. This is logical reading. Instead of using this positivity in reading, we apply it when we watch Nigerian films because we can logically determine how the movie would end. let's positively adopt this in our reading too.

Know when it is best for you to read. Some prefer reading at night to reading in the day time. I have this course-mate, he would gladly join some guys in playing all day but at night when his friends are asleep, he is busy reading. When it's time for result the guy scores higher GP to the shaft his friends get. They kept on wondering is this not 'Barna B' who we constantly play with, how come now? Let me quote this biblical verse 'While men were asleep an enemy came...' back to my context, when students were asleep, shrewd students were reading.

Not having a target. My Student model, Nelson Nwamara, will always tell me: when you want to shoot aim the moon so that when you fail you will hit one of the stars. Don't say you are an average student you can push yourself beyond limits.

Read the right books. I created this so that guys can help fellow guys by recommending the books and the way to study to get your targeted score or GP in any examination. Thanks.

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