Saturday, 25 October 2014

Simple Steps to Becoming the Best You can be

I am sure you are convinced that what a man can do, a woman can do better but not everything that a man do that a woman can do. But it won't happen without you making up your mind to become the best you can. SUCCESS COMES WITH A PRICE TAG AND THOSE WHO ARE NOT READY TO PAY THE PRICE CAN'T ENJOY THE RISE. Success is not automatic and failure is not also but your input will determine your output.

All the people you have seen at the top of the ladder of success perspire to acquire their desire which they admire, and never retire but re-fire until they become the best. The moment you stop to aspire, you begin to expire. Let us see some of these proven principles of success:

1. HAVE A CLEAR VISION: You must have a clear picture of what you want to become in the future because the future really begins now. If you don't know where you are going early life, you will grow up to discover that you have traveled far from your original purpose. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BECOME IN THE FUTURE? Mother Teresa decided to become a Nun at the age of 12. How old are you?.

2. DILIGENCE: No matter how great your future is, without diligence, you can't become anything good. Without diligence dreams becomes daydreams or wishful thinking. "No one can predict to what heights you can soar; even you will not know until you spread your wings and begin to fly". Give diligence to destiny.

3. DETERMINATION: Success usually will not happen at the first trial, determination is the quality of being firmly committed to a defined goal with a clear course of action to reach the goal at all cost. Determination entails staying put with what you desire until you get it. Even when you fail, determination will give you the courage to keep going.

4. RIGHT ASSOCIATION: Who are you friends? If they are those who do what people are meant to do, I can say you have no future. Look for the best in your area and class yourself around such.

Many people have been wrongly punished because of wrong friends. There is no price too much to pay to join the league of the wise. Go for the good heads. Friendship is not by force but by choice, friendship is not for socialization but for actualization.

5. FOCUS AND PERSEVERANCE: Life is not a bed of roses. Difficulties will come, discrimination, failures, sickness, dispute, defamation, disappointment and death of loved ones etc may come your way. Don't lose your focus but persevere until you reach your goal. If you will not give up, you can reach the top.

6. EFFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT: You have a great enemy and that is time. All the time you are using to gist, visit your friends and watch movies must be used wisely. All what you do, you must be time caution. Life is too precious and you can't afford to waste your time.

Time is very precious and too valuable to squander. Achievers have a strong sense of urgency. Follow religiously your workable time-table. All the time you are using to gist and watch TV is simply a waste of time. Invest time wisely.

7. POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE: You can't be better than what you are thinking; you stand the chance of becoming what you think. Think like a success and behave it. What you think about yourself is what you become. What you think determine how you react.

Today's boys and girls will end up as tomorrow's men and women and what you do with your today will determine your future.

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