Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Wisdom Nuggets for all Present Day Students and future leaders.... Must Read

When I see Youths, especially students,playing away their time, wasting their energy and ruining their only opportunity to make the difference in life with reckless passion. I cant but shed secret tears. I fear the inevitable future ahead of them: life misery, wanton poverty and infinite regret.

To say the least, God has been generous,impartial and merciful to us for giving us equal platform to begin life's race. Everyman has got a pair of legs,a pair of eyes, one head, 24hours per day and the right choice. Therefore, if you fail, its your choice and your fault; if you succeed, it is your choice also.

The scenario is often like this: as a child, he looks forward to his mouth with painful pleasure,nursing secreting his wild dream to conquer,rule and influence his world.

Eventually,he becomes a youth faced with the strange and bitter miracle of life and the right choice: choice of whom he wants out of life, choice of success or failure, misery or happiness, wealth or poverty.

Usually but unfortunately, he is cornered by the serpent, self doubt and fear and so he joins the crowd: the reckless, unprofitable, wayward and vision-less crowd. He loses focus and the opportunity of a lifetime of fulfillment bliss and peace slips away forever.

Again, as an adult, he is faced with the reality of his fruitless end and he looks back with infinite tear and regret, wishing for an opportunity to relieve his youth again, he realizes that once he has everything but uses nothing and once he is so talented and energetic but mad and lost.

A bitter memory he must lament till the dying light dies.
Hear me, the miracle and magic of life that determine whom you become or not occur at youth.

At this stage, we are easily influenced and pressured by peers, friends and public into abandoning our dreams and personal focus in exchange for the social trend in vogue.

At this stage, we often forget that no one can be with the crowd and stand out and that great men adapt the world to themselves and not the other way round.
You can make a choice today that will change your life forever.

If you pursue your dreams with gusto, your future will glitter as gold. Believe me, everyman is the architect of his own destiny and the secret of success is cause and
effect. Your future is the fruit of the seed you sow today.

Reflect over the following nuggets and adjust yourself because you must conquer self before you can conquer the world. Always remember that though you cannot turn back the hand of the clock, but you can wind it up.

If you waste your time, that is too bad friend:
1. One today is worth two tomorrow
2. You cannot reign without your brain
3. The present is reality but the future is a dream
4. You are the master of your fate and the captain of your destiny
5. The ladder of success is never crowded at the top
6. A quitter never wins; a winner never quits
7. Failure inspires winners but defeat losers
8. The tragedy of life is not the fact that we die but what dies in us while we live
9. Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration
10. Every man's mountain is his ignorance
11. Though time never never last but though people do
12. If you aspire to acquire what you desire, do not re-tire to re-fire
13. Pray as if everything depends on God: work as if everything depend on you
14. If you want to secure your future, empty your pocket into your head
15. If you can conceive a dream and believe it, then you can achieve it
16. A man who wastes today regretting yesterday will waste tomorrow lamenting today
17. Foolish students discuss people; average students discuss issues; but wise students discuss ideas
18. The difference between an ordinary student and extraordinary student is the extra input
19. If you must have it, then you must dream it.
Finally, learn to take personal responsibility for your life.

Know that God has done his best for you. If you fail to succeed, it is your fault. Remember, it is privilege to be in school and it is also an opportunity to take on the world. I believe you will make it to the Top!!!

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