Friday, 14 November 2014

10 Best Ways to Tackle Failure

Everyone wants their life to be like a smooth sailing boat, but you can’t always escape the ups and downs in life; and the best way out would be to know how to deal with failure. So what is it that you should do to turn the table?
1. Accept It
It is tough to lose your dream, when you are just a few steps away from making it a reality. But then, you can’t keep grumbling. At a certain point, you have to get up and get going all over again. The best way is to accept failure and move on.

2. Be Confident
Don’t let failure take over your esteem and ego. Once you feel it is weighing you down, straighten up like a soldier again. At times of defeat, it is not the failure that will pinch much, but the thought of being ‘not good enough’. Losing your confidence over a disappointment can be devastating.

3. It's Ok to Err
Whatever it may be about, failure can make you lose your composure. This is the time to remind yourself that mistakes maketh experience. Use mistakes as a stepping stone; don’t just sit on them.

4. Treat it as Temporary
When failure strikes, it seems like forever. Treating it like a bad phase will make it end faster. Don’t give much thought to it and it will not bother you much.

5. Take it Easy
You know that worrying does no good. Then why waste time on it? Cheer up and take it easy. Taking things easier on yourself will make your life much simpler and things much better.

6. Fight It
Don’t succumb to defeat. Choose to learn from it. You may think it is easier said than done; try otherwise, and you will know. You may be angry about your situation but will taking the stress out on others help? No, it won’t. It will only make you more miserable. Fight failure by giving it a challenge to get you down and out, and you will end up loving the game.

7. Reassess Your Goals
Maybe you have set extremely high expectations. Maybe your goals aren’t aligned with your objectives. Maybe you are doing it all wrong. The standards that you have set for yourself are significant in deciding your success. Just stop and think whether your capacity is appropriate for your limits or not.

8. Focus
They say when close to failure, duck. But what should you do when failure has struck? To be at ease would be good; the best would be to focus on the present. Start afresh and focus on your dream again.

9. Keep Dreaming
Don’t give up on dreaming. They are the only thing that you get motivation from to accomplish and prove your worth. ‘Nanakorobi Yaoki’ is a Japanese saying that means when you face defeat, keep trying. That’s the essence of coping with failure.

10. Develop
You can choose to simply grow out of failure or grow up because of it. Defeat is a great teacher. Use it for self-improvisation. If you messed up something, your mistake should be your teachers for the future.
It is never you who fails or succeeds. It is always the effort. The crux is to retain composure in victory and defeat. Last but not the least, without failing you will never know how to be perfect.


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