Friday, 7 November 2014

As a UNN Fresher Coming for the First Time

Many freshers have been asking me some troubling questions. As a fresher, some of the major things that should be on your mind now is "where do I stay before I secure a hostel accommodation? What is the first step to take towards my clearance and so on ?"

These are the things that should occupy your mind. All you need to do is to find a family friend, a friend you already know that is in school to accommodate you for like a week or few days before you get your own accommodation.

This is why we have been asking you all to pay your acceptance fee and get ready to pay your school fees the moment it starts because without paying these fees, you wont be allowed to apply for an accommodation in the hostel.

The school fee and amount to pay will be online when the time comes and you will be able to see yours when you login with your jamb registration number into UNN website under "undergraduate portal".

Thank God everything is now done via e-tranzat; which means you can pay your school fee any where you are and even apply for hostel any where you are when the time comes.

It's not a must that you will come to school to pay your school fee or hostel fee especially if you don't have any place you can stay for few days unless if you want to know hostels that will be close to your lecture halls which is not all that important. If you are able to pay your school fee where you are, we can help you apply for bedspace and hostel allocation so that when you come back, you wont have to stay with someone for long before you get your own hostel.

So before coming back to school, its advisable to pay your school fee and if possible pay for your hostel so that as you are coming back, you will just have to do your hostel clearance which doesn't take more than a day or 2 and then you pack in. Besides, its easier to pay for your school fee and hostel fee outside Nsukka or Enugu due to crowd.

For those who don't have anyone to help them on the issue of accommodation, the only thing we can do for you is to find old students (males and females) in the hostel for you who are our friends that can help to accommodate you for few days before you get your own accommodation.

We will also help in letting you know when to login in order to get a suitable hostel according to your department. Remember, after paying your school fee, apply for a bedspace so that a space will be kept for you and it will be yours and wont be given to another person until you pay for your hostel.

If you do not apply for a bedspace and pay hostel fee, no space will be made available for you, so apply for a bedspace first and make sure there is available bedspace for you before you proceed in paying for hostel fee. If you have any other question to ask or any enquiries to make, simply drop them here.
UNN is your school, you are very much welcome to UNN, we await you!

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