Friday, 12 December 2014

10 Types Of Freshers You Meet In Campus

I Came across this post in Nairastar and decided to bring it here to create fun.  Here are some of the types of freshers you meet in the campus.  1. The JJCs every little thing amazes them(the buildings, crowd, cars. Etc) You begin to wonder if it is their first time of going out.  2. The ajebohs they flaunt their wealth in the campus and remind you who their father is at every slightest opportunity. They display their phones; take people out for a treat regularly to impress. Majority of the people in this category got the money via extortion from their parents and everything normally cease after their first year in school.  3. The gurus first to ask and answer questions in the class, suggests taking their mates tutorials and depends in the past glory from their secondary school. If you fall in this category, just pray you don’t meet some silent and low key gurus in your class that will outshine you if you don’t work hard.  4. The womanizers the
only thing they think of is how to get the opposite sex. The guys desperately want to date every girl on campus maybe because of the freedom and access they enjoy.  5. The socialites similar to the womanizers. They want to be everywhere, associate with everybody on campus. You find them in all parties, fellowships, community days and they even forget their main motive of being in the campus.  6. The politicians few weeks after reg and they start vying for post(s). They contest for the class/course rep as if they are the Buhari of the campus.  7. The historians some will always tell you about their family, previous school. The most annoying ones are those that always refer to their age and the number of times they have written jamb. Like who cares!!!  8. The oversabis they claim to know everything going on in the school already as if they have spent 7 years. They try to put people through the reg, knows the names of all the lecturers but you later discover they themselves are naïve.  9. The preachers after resumption theirs is to win as many souls as possible.  10. I was in this category. Cool, social, brilliant, handsome and well packaged guy.

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