Monday, 22 December 2014

5 Most Important Appliances Every Nigerian Student Should Have

AFTER our survey and research, we have come to
the conclusion of what every Nigeria students in higher tertiary education on the needs for a select appliances and devices they should have.

If you have just been admitted into a higher institution in Nigeria and probably the only stuffs you have in your to-do list are cartons of noodles, foodstuffs, clothes, etc?!

You need to think again, what are you going to do in
school? Think! No doubt, setting foot in higher
institution as a student, you will need some
gadgets, devices and appliances that will be useful
to you all throughout your stay in the

1. Reading Lamps You can tell who is a real student
if they have reading lamp! Every students should be
ready to study! What better way to show your
readiness to study than a reading lamp? We are in
Nigeria, and Power supply is very poor. How much
is Reading Lamp? It cost from N1,500.00 to
N3,000.00. It is cheap and every student should
own one! You can buy it at any bus-stop or buy it
online at konga.

2. Pressing iron You are address the way you
dress. Looking smart is good business! Every
student should or probably MUST have a stand-by
electric pressing iron for the business of looking
smart. You don’t want to go school looking like
someone who came from poverty stricken home.

Even if your first name is Poverty, do you want to
announce it to the world? Sometimes I see some
students with ruffled clothes, and I wonder why? I
ask myself why? If you cannot afford a a Pressing
Iron, why not start borrowing? No, you can afford it
and it is CHEAP. You can buy Electric Pressing Iron
from N1,500 to N7,000.00 – You can also buy it
online and get it shipped to your home

3. Laptop – Personal Computer/ The Laptop is a
MUST have device for every student, and if you are
wondering why it is so, give me a second to explain
it to you. A Laptop Computer is a multi-purpose
device and can be used to research on projects for
school or leisure, you can use your Laptop to watch
educational videos, or burn important documents.

You can also use it to watch films, listen to music or
play games – Now that it is legal to rip CDs. you
can use it as well. And if you have a printer, now
that is a booming business in Nigeria Universities. If
you are in a department where you have crazy
lecturers that gives term paper every other week,
you can start printing papers upon papers for your

If you are looking for cheap laptops
for sale/buy in Nigeria, then the best place is to buy
it online, you can buy a Laptop from N40,000.00
(forty thousand naira) to N200,000.00. Unlike before
where you need upto N200,000.00 to buy a laptop,
you can now get quality cheap computer/laptop for
less than N40.000.00

4.An internet enabled smart phone Almost every
students own a smartphones, but a selected few
rather stick to feature phones which are cool if they
can access the internet, but it should be noted that
you learn new words every time and what better
and easier way to check their meanings than
through the internet and/or a dictionary app on the
phone? You can also use your mobile phone to
access TV, to get latest news… -

5.A Tape Recorder You will hardly see students
with tape recorders, if you ask me, this is one of
the most gadget every student should have. Some
lectures form the habits of dictating without give
rooms to catch their breath, the tape recorder can
come handy in such cases/scenarios. Although it
does not come cheap, you can buy one for
N16,000.00 (Sixteen thousand naira), if you are
parent reading this, and you have the money, why
not invest in your child/children? The returns are
worth the price. Trust me! Sony Series MP3 Digital
Voice IC Recorder comes with 4GB flash memory
and you can buy it online.


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