Thursday, 4 December 2014

JAMB 2015 Success Tips

Below are some success tips for candidates preparing for 2015/2016 UTME;

1. Change of mindset: some may wonder "change of mindset", what does it got to do with my exam? Some of us have a wrong set about JAMB exam which is a regular exam aimed at screening for the best though some in the past used malpractices to pass in terms of this new session the board has decided to use CBT method which is a welcome development to curb malpractice.

But as students you need to have the "success mentality" in your education and change that victim mentality (failure). See yourself as a success because that would help you to prepare as one.

Success people think, act and behave successful. After a change of mindset, you move to the next stage of preparation.

2. Set a goal: This principle is simple, set a goal as in target score. I would advise you target a very high score like from 230 and above (my opinion) because it will help you
during your post-UTME and I have notice a lot of aspirants score 180-220 which is competition. Like said before it’s in your mindset, scoring high is possible.

Focus: focus is important as a student because we have so many distractions around us in form of the social media, mass media, friends etc. you have a target to achieve.

Study with past materials; like JAMB pass questions, this helps a lot.

3. Study in-depth: read wide and gather relevant knowledge. It’s all about working smart not hard.
Do in-depth research about your chosen university; before choosing a school, do an underground work about the school like their cutoff mark etc.

Have a basic knowledge about the computer system: As you know, JAMB has abolished PPT and has made CBT compulsory for all.

4. Time investment: Time waits for no man and the exam is barely two months from now (I stand to be corrected) so wisdom is profitable to direct so as students invest your time to your books (education).

Pray and believe in God: it is not about believing in yourself, but most importantly to believe that God is your foundation. The builders build in vain if the most high is not involved.

You can share your ideas nuggets and opinions too for all learn busing the comment box below.

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