Monday, 23 February 2015

EBSU Expels 23 Student And Suspends Others

This is to inform you that the senate committee of Ebonyi State University (EBSU), Abakaliki at its 30th Regular meeting held on 27th January, 2015 has approved the following sanctions against the under listed students who were involved in various categories of examination misconducts.

The sanctions and the list of concerned students stand as follows:

A. Expulsion Cases:
All these students who are expelled permanently from the University for acts of Grievous Examination Misconduct are not to be seen in EBSU.

S/No Name Reg. No Dept
1 Nself-servicewo, Uchenna .E. EBSU/2011/57813 History & International Relations
2 Oko, Major I. EBSU/2011/57819 History & International Relations
3 Chukwu, Kingsley U. EBSU/2010/57462 Biochemistry
4 Ofodile, Chika Ifeanyichukwu. EBSU/2010/57530 Applied
5 Opoke, Mary Rose EBSU/2009/52644 Biochemistry
6 Ude, Precious EBSU/2009/53027 Biochemistry
7 Okeagu, Bridget I. EBSU/2009/52340 Biochemistry
8 Igboke, Chibuzor EBSU/2009/52641 Biochemistry
9 Nwode, Thiophilus EBSU/2011/60519 Applied Biology
10 Anih, Bela S. EBSU/2009/49337 Technical Vocational Education
11 Inyama, Precious Chinonso EBSU/2010/DE/56674 Technical Vocational Education
12 Alali, Edughom Ann EBSU/2011/58677 Arts & Social Science Education
13 Ogunwa, Cynthia EBSU/2011/58608 Technical Vocational Education
14 Obasi, Elijah EBSU/wasp/2008/9158 Human Kinetics & Health Education
15 Ogudu, Eze EBSU/2009/51416 LAW
16 Ajali, Emmanuel EBSU/2009/51353 LAW
17 Ugonna, Emmanuel EBSU/2007/40544 LAW
18 Ugwu, Uchechi EBSU/2005/30692 LAW
19 Ogbonna, Gloria T. EBSU/2012/63703 Marketing
20 Nwota, Ogbonna A. EBSU/2011/59284 Economics
21 Igwe, Ositadinma. EBSU/2010/54297 Economics
22 Inya, Obilo Uduma EBSU/2010/54528 Sociology & Anthropology
23 Edet, Francis Stella EBSU/2007/40960 Med. Lab. Sciences

B. Suspension Cases:

These suspended Students for various years are to:

i) Fail the said course(s) and, in addition,

ii) Stay away from the University for the period of suspension and only apply to the Registrar for re-admission when their suspension tenures end.

s/no Names Reg. no. Dept
1 Innocent, Benjamin Chinedu EBSU/2008/45517 Soil Environment Mgt.
2 Ede, Chinwendu C. EBSU/2011/57810 History & International Relations
3 Amuh, Patience EBSU/2009/52622 BCH
4 Eze, Patience Nkiruka EBSU/DE/2010/56593 Arts & Social Science Edu
5 Azih, Humphrey Chikaodili EBSU/DE/2010/56480 Science Education
6 Ewogu, Nelson Obinna EBSU/2009/52353 Med. Lab. Science
7 Ochitoba, Desmond C. EBSU/2007/41185B Med. Lab. Science
8 Okafor, Vincent Onwe EBSU/2007/40601 Law

s/no Names Reg. no. Dept
1 Obasi, Carmela Chisom EBSU/2011/60983 Soil & Enviro. Mgt
2 Enemuo, M.U. Chiamaka EBSU/2010/57442 Biochemistry
3 Opara, U. Joseph EBSU/2010/57423 Biochemistry
4 Ani, Esther I. EBSU/2009/51020B Medical Lab. Sci.
5 Okeh, Edwin M. EBSU/2009/52377 Medical Lab. Sci.
6 Ifeanyi Edene EBSU/2010/53462 Law
7 Okpara, Bridget Ezinne EBSU/2009/49912 Business Management
8 Omeke, Jacinta N. EBSU/2010/57669 Marketing
9 Eze, Rapheal E.A. EBSU/2009/49890 Bus.Management
10 Nkwuda, Peter EBSU/2012/59134 Marketing
11 Richard, Chinyere EBSU/WASP/2008/9354 Public Admini.
12 Chukwu, Emmanuel F. EBSU/WASP/2009/10972 Public Admin
13 Onwe, Ndubuisi Richard EBSU/WASP/2011/11410 Public Admin
14 Okoro, Monday M. EBSU/2011/59328 Economics
15 Nwangele, Kenneth U. EBSU/2009/50251 Economics

(biii) Those suspended for One year:
S/no Names Reg. No Dept
1 Ejem, Nnamdi EBSU/2009/47655 Agric Econs, Mgt. & Extension
2 Ewokor, Charles Obinna EBSU/2008/45489 Animal Science,
3 Obi, Chidimma Lovina EBSU/2009/48102 Agric Econs., Mgt. & Extension
4 Nwamba, Ifeyinwa EBSU/2008/45457B Animal Science,
5 Chima, Darlington Nwachukwu EBSU/11/60926 Crop & Landscapes Mgt.,
6 Nwelom, Ignetius N. EBSU/10/55828 History/Int’l Relation,
7 Azubuike, Nwabueze k. EBSU/10/57228 History/Int’l Relation,
8 Nwachukwu, K. M. EBSU/2011/57841 History/Int’l Relation,
9 Ukwu, Harrison C. EBSU/2008/46431 Anatomy
10 Nkama, Love Uka EBSU/2010/53759 Biochemistry
11 Agbo, Martha N. EBSU/2008/46299 Applied Microbiology
12 Okoro, Lilian C. EBSU/2010/57498 Applied Microbiology
13 Arua, Julius O. EBSU/2009/52254 Biochemistry
14 Ohiagu, Chukwuemeka EBSU/2009/52143B Biochemistry
15 Ogoke, Chinonye A. EBSU/2009/52631 Biochemistry
16 Anichukwu, Goodness U. EBSU/2010/53798 Biochemistry
17 Oroke, Queendaline O. EBSU/2009/52636 Biochemistry
18 Chibundu, Chisom Judith EBSU/09/52286 Applied Biology
19 Nweze, Ogbonnaya EBSU/2009/52078 Applied Microbiology
20 Nwafor, Sabina N. EBSU/2008/47557 Biochemistry
21 Anyaeru, Ikechukwu John EBSU/2009/49338 TVE
22 Ugwunwoko, Kelechukwu EBSU/09/49326 Arts & Soc. Science Edu,
23 Agbo, Chidi Odono EBSU/2009/48764 Economics Education
24 Otu, Betty A. EBSU/WBE/2009/10218 Business Education
25 Nwigboji, Tina Mabel EBSU/2011/58610 TVE
26 Nwode, Happiness A. EBSU/2010/56288 Business Education
27 Nwonu, Nneka O. EBSU/2010/56239 Arts & Social Science Edu.
28 Aneke, Happiness EBSU/2009/51181 Nursing Science
29 Chukwu, Eunice Ogbonna EBSU/2009/51071B Med. Lab. Science
30 Amadi, Amina Afor EBSU/2009/51187 Nursing Science
31 Nwosu, Annastesia N. EBSU/2009/51034b Med. Lab. Science
32 Ogbu, John C. EBSU/2009/51072B Med. Lab. Science
33 Ndubuaku, Ndidiamaka J. EBSU/2009/51153 Med. Lab. Science,
34 Igwe, Nnennaya EBSU/2006/38861 Nursing Science
35 Nwanga, Paul I. EBSU/2008/45119 Med. Lab. Science
36 Umahi, Ndukaku N. EBSU/2010/55056 Marketing
37 Thomas, O. Bekom EBSU/2010/57041 Business Management
38 Amos, Paschal C. EBSU/2010/57051 Business Management,
39 Eze, Samuel O. EBSU/09/50173 Accountancy,
40 Onogberie, Akome EBSU/08/47200 Accountancy,
41 Agbo, Ikechukwu EBSU/10/57561 Accountancy
42 Okafor, Chukwuzoba E. EBSU/09/49880 Business Management
43 Ifezue, Chinwe EBSU/09/49941 Marketing
44 Igwe, Ogechi A. EBSU/WPA/2008/9389 Pub. Admin.
45 Ewa, Esther Nnenna EBSU/WPA/2008/9283 Pub. Admin.
46 Oketa, Nkechinyere M. EBSU/WPA/2008/9254 Pub. Admin.
47 Obule, Cyril Odaji EBSU/WPA/2010/11292 Pub. Admin.
48 Umet, Regina Idam EBSU/WPA/2009/11063 Pub. Admin.
49 Uzoigwe,Goodness Okwukwe EBSU/WPA/2009/9711 Pub. Admin.
50 Ibina, Elizabeth EBSU/WPA/2008/9490 Pub. Admin.
51 Ofoke Azubuike EBSU/WPA/2008/9348 Pub. Admin.
52 Ewogu, Rose EBSU/WPA/2008/9362 Pub. Admin.
53 Agwu, Uche Ezinne EBSU/WPA/2011/11338 Pub. Admin.
54 Nself-servicewo, Ndubuisi B. EBSU/12/64903 Geology and Exploration
55 Ogbonna,Daniel Onyekachi EBSU/12/64926 Geology & Exploration,
56 Nwigwe, Chinedu N. EBSU/12/64952 Geology & Exploration,
57 Okoro, Chinonso EBSU/09/51632 Geology & Exploration
58 Eguji, Anayo Godwin EBSU/09/51830 Industrial Physics,
59 Edeh, Okwudili EBSU/11/59282 Economics,

C. Those To Fail the Concerned Exam:

That students are to fail the concerned examination(s) and are therefore required to register/retake the affected course(s).
S/no Names Reg. no. Dept Remarks
1 Otah, Blessing N. EBSU/2006/39148 Biochemistry Failed in BCH 412
2 Ogbuzuru, Victor EBSU/2011/60695 Applied Microbiology Failed in BCH 202
3 Oyibe, Blessing Nnenna EBSU/2011/60667 Applied Microbiology Failed in BCH 202
4 Okorie, Joseph Micheal EBSU/2009/50981 Biotechnology Failed in BTE 412
5 Ajayi, Issac I. EBSU/2009/50953 Biotechnology Failed in BTE 412
6 Orogwu U. EBSU/2009/48686 HIR Failed in HIR 110
7 Nself-servicewo, Emeka B. EBSU/WASP/2011/11343 Public Admin. Failed in PUB 201
8 Nwoba, Angela N. EBSU/WASP/2011/11392 Public Admin Failed in PUB 201
9 Chinedu Emoka I. EBSU/ 2001/54285 Economics Failed in ECO 212

D. Warning Cases:

The students are warned formally and, are enjoined to desist from such acts of irresponsibility as any other repeat performance shall earn them stiffer sanctions.
S/no Names Reg. no. Dept Remarks
1 Anaelechukwu, Vincent EBSU/2007/41719 Agriculture
2 Ojua, Diana EBSU/2009/48099 Agric. Econs
3 Anidiobi, C.P. EBSU/2009/48382 Hist. & Int’ Relations
4 Mkpuma, Felicia EBSU/2008/44550 Applied Biology
5 Ike, Linda EBSU/2007/41292 Nursing Science
6 Nshiowo, Kingsley EBSU/2007/40875 Nursing Science
7 Ukie, Ikenna EBSU/2002/17400 Ind. Physics
8 Onwe, Ukamaka EBSU/WECO/11/11341 Public Admin.

E. Those Tried and Exonerated:
S/No Name Reg. No Dept
1 Afau, Ogechi Ogbonnaya EBSU/2006/39103 Biochemistry
2 Mgbonshi, Bartholomew Sunday EBSU/2011/44206 Home Education
3 Suleman, Miriam EBSU/2004/32443 Technical Vocational Education
4 Igwe, Philip Emeka EBSU/2008/45569
5 Chukwu, Mary Ann EBSU/2009/49088 Scie. Edu.
6 Nwafor, Nnenwogo EBSU/2005/30936B Nurs. Sc.
7 Okporo, Lawrence EBSU/2009/51031 Med. Lab. Sc.
8 Anyigor, Livinus EBSU/2006/38790 Nurs. Sci.


Registrar and Secretary to Senate.

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