Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Good Manners Of Approach - The Key

Yeah This article is a guest writer's work strictly from MYSCHOOL... No matter your level of intellectualism if you don't have a good way of approaching people there is tendency of you getting screwed often times. There are so many things we see as infinitesimal or of less value but they really worth more than gold. Part of which is a good manner of approach.

So many individuals have denied themselves important things because they have a poor manner of approach. May I put it to you that approach carries lots of things even beyond your understanding.

The way of you approach others can either create favour or otherwise. The major reason we often get the wrong result most times is because we approach things wrongly.

When some people go to others for one thing or the other and they get negative result, they begin to see the other person in question as not willing to help; not knowing that they are at fault and
needs to conduct a check on themselves.

On the other hand,some times you hear people say I just like this guy/lady or I can't just but grant his request. No magic happened, he just made things easy through his approach.

» Physical appearance
» Mood
» Expression
» Gesture etc.

» Physical appearance :

I am simply referring to the way we dress in this aspect. One of the first thing a person would look at when you approach him/her is the way you are dressed. No matter how less important a person can be, there is optimum need to be smart in your outfit when approaching people.

It is also important that when you are approaching people,your outfit should portray your mission. You need to know the right outfit for a particular meeting.

» Mood:

Your mood in most cases tells a lot about your present need or situation. As weird as it might sound, when you put on an angry mood to plead for something, you might never get it. In most cases, the mood in which you approach people determines if they will love to hang with you or stay away from you.

There is need for us to me conscious of the mood with which we approach people.

» Expression:

When you lack the proper way of expressing yourself orally,then there is a problem. Many people don't have a sense of what it is to be said and what not to be said. Some even tend to spin off to irrelevant things just to prove points that would have been better understood in two words.


Body language is one thing we seem not to be conscious of. Some people really have the full understanding of body language,they read meanings to things. You mere banging of your legs on the floor can be a turn off.

The irony of it all is that most of us often exhibit some gestures that we don't know the to which the other person may have a negative impression about.

There are more to this but this will do for now. In my next article,I will will dwell on top ways through which we can approach matters or situations.

A good manner of approach people is one thing that will always be needful as it can jeopardize ones endeavors or be a source of blessing to it.

Written By :
Kayode 0luwatobiloba Emmanuel
Call From:  myshool

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