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Maximize Your Time During The School Holiday - You Need This


What do you think of holiday period? to some gallant  holiday is a time to take a break from school activities, spend time with family and friends and rest up for next semester. While we have few days or months to stay for the holiday, we are advised to spend it wisely.

Before I left school for home, I have started charting a course for myself in order to make my holiday worthwhile and with my experience I want to share with you actionable content which you should take into consideration before leaving for the next holiday.
Here are my suggestions:
Learning New Craft

At school, you barely have time to acquire new skill rather most of your time is spent on class work, extra-curricular activities and social gathering which has practically little to do with your future career. So the holiday is meant to be a time to learn new skill or nurture the
already existing ones.
While discussing with couple of friends, one of them made a very incisive comment which seems laughable to some. He said he is going to learn tailoring –but that is what it ought to be, learn a new skill even if it is an informal one.

Within the month of May, 2014, then I was in my first year, I started to develop new likeness for poetry that I had to stream through the social media to read my friend’s poem in order to nurture
this skill which when I finally ventured into yielded good result for me.
In the same month in my second year, I learnt podcasting and I was immediately signed to a record company CFATMUSIC Entertainment Company which recorded and helped publish my podcast show on their website (www.cfatmusic.net).
However, I developed podcasting and literary skills in my holiday and other ones which I am still nurturing like broadcasting and freelancing for online platform.
Hear This: Your holiday is a building period for you to discover yourself and develop that part of you that the university can’t build up.
Make Connection
To connect, I took the right direction and sought after a middleman that will link me up to personalities. I have dreamt to be tutored under them. I was successful so I brushed my skill in broadcasting
during the holiday by visiting radio house and I have been featured thrice in a student related program. From there, I have made friends whom I stay in touch with, till now.
Within the holiday, I have connected with people who do what I love doing and there is every proclivity that I am tolling the right track.
Hear This: Making connection opens unlimited opportunities for you, especially when you connect with the right person. Before you make plans to go for school break, map out how you will connect with people in your career and professional line and other specialties that pleases you.
Save Up

Hard nut to crack, right? I know some will say they barely receive pocket money at home but some do while others work it out. I had to help my mum in her business to put coins into my pocket and this gesture of mine prompted her to always release for me when I make request for that. So I’ll advice you to always save or learn new trade or join a trade in order to make profit out of it.
Hear This: Be prudent in your spending(s) because of that period close to exam when everybody is crying. Try to avoid it by saving up.
Repair the broken walls

You might have made a lot of mistakes in the previous semester which have affected you – emotionally and intellectually, but this is the time to build yourself up for the new challenge ahead.
I discovered one important thing in my life that I normally have problem with my roommate so I had to do that build up within the holiday and learnt how to handle to avoid problems.
Yours might be different; probably a course you failed in the last semester. It is time to prepare yourself to tackle it.
Hear This: Plan yourself, draft a personal timetable which you will adhere strictly to. No matter the amount of distraction you receive -learn to invest your time properly.
I will end here by saying that your holiday can be a time you can gain valuable experience and develop new skills or nurture old ones. Nurture yourself to greatness and save your time wisely.
Divine Nwoye is Nigerianedu.com’s Campus Correspondent and a student of Linguistics. He writes from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
You too can send us yours via enyinnayaemma@gmail.com

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