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Read The Best Frequently Used Axioms,Proverbs,Maxims And Sayings By Examination Bodies

Such sayings,axioms,maxims and proverbs are He who laughs last laughs best, all is well that ends well, honesty is the best policy, as you lay your bed so you shall lie on it, where there is a will there is a way, look before you leap, there is blessing in disgust and lot more...
This platform is to be used to write story that illustrates each of them. Everybody is free to put down story(ies) on any of them. 

This saying reminds of the story of a girl named Treasure. Treasure was at the age of nineteen when she met Tope.They had a truthful, trustworthy and happy relationship, because Tope was a successful
businessman and this made them to get married after two years of relationship.
As God wanted it,their union became fruitful and this resulted into giving birth a year after their wedding and they
lived happily.Everything was moving so sweet
and clean.Two years after their first child,a bouncing baby boy joined them whom they named Ayomikun.After Ayomikun's birth,things weren't as it was before.Her husband's business ran down and this lowered the standard they lived initially.Three square meal was not longer available and this made Treasure to be looking for alternatives.
One day she went to a nearby supermarket and met an old school
was her best friend
when she was in school and they did most things together which led to
others envying them.But since they graduated,they never heard from eachother
again because they've lost contacts.Her friend had really changed.She was so rich judging from her appearance. She even owned a car.They were happy to see eachother because all hope of seeing again had been lost.They talked about series of things which led Chisom to ask her how things were going.She told Chisom that she had got married and had two beautiful kids. She didn't hesitate telling her the problem her family was facing and how it all started. Chisom never had other advice than for her to divorce her husband and leave her kids promising to cater for her and show her her source of wealth.She refused at first but succumbed later.
She went to her husband and ranted and rained abuses on him for his incapability to be the bread winner of the family successfully and she told her Husband that It was over between both of them.Tope wept and begged her not to go.He was sprawling and crawling like a common Mongreal for her to stay but she told him that her mind had been made up.She left and Tope was left in his dilemma.He wept for months till he couldn't again.'I cause the day I was born' was what Tope often uttered. Treasure left her husband and children behind and went to live with Chisom in all her Luxuries.
After five years of Treasure stay with Chisom,they had a Loggerhead and this led to separation. Out of anger and pride, Treasure left without
pleading. Months later,she observed that she was ill...She was diagonized and was confirmed a carrier of that chronic virus called AIDS because she had slept with a lot of men while with Chisom without protection. Later,she was homeless and moneyless. She decided to go and beg her then
husband.To her outer
surprise,Tope had re-married and had had one more child with hers suming to three.And he's now Living very happy.She
begged and wept as Tope did to her some years ago but he didn't give her a dine talkless of accepting her back. Tope told her that he'd got a soul mate and he never dreamt of having two wives.After two years,Tope found Treasure's lifeless body on his street and murmured to himself that 'She had laid her bed and is lying on it'.

Am in a rediculous
situation right now as
am writing this disgusting experience.I
will continue to curse
the day I met Nelson,the guy that
ruined my life.My name
is Sandra,a naturally

delectable girl which all
men aspire to get
married to.It all happened when I was
at the peak of my secondary education that I met a
handsome,wealth y
and lovely guy named
Nelson.I got attracted
to him immediately and
this never allowed me
to sleep everyday, ruminating on how i wish i could get Nelson as my man.I patiently waited for him to woo me which he did afterwards.I didn't even give him tough time before accepting because I had had a crush on him.I told my
friend,Theresa about it
but she responded that I shouldn't have accepted him that soon. She further advised that I should have tried to know who truly he was and know his way of life but i rejected her
advice.She kept on
pestering me with this
advice until I insulted her and even abused her that she was an enemy of progress.I instantly drew the cotton of my friendship with her that day.My
relationship continued
with Nelson for some
time.I did my final exam but I narrowly passed
because all I was having in my head then was Nelson,no other thing!We continued our Lovey-dovey and this made me to sleep with him unprotective. Months later,I discovered that I was not feeling fine and
vomitted often.This
prompted my mummy
to take me to the
hospital where I was
confirmed pregnant!I
was beaten by my
mummy to the state of coma.She even said she regretted giving birth to me! Shortly,the new development got
to my dad and this
propelled him to ask
who was responsible.I
told them that it was Nelson.I later informed Nelson about the pregnancy on phone but to my greatest surprise, he declined it citing that he never wished to be a father and that having a wife now will even truncate his business.I asked him what business he engaged in but i got no reply before he hanged up the call.I tried his number severally but it isn't reachable uptill now.My parents kicked me out of their house saying that i should go and meet who impregnated me.I was still squatting with one of my friends one day when i heard in the news that a notorious gang of armed robbers was caught in which the father of my unborn child was among. They were arraigned on charges of murders, ritual killers and all sort of crimes and after all,they including Nelson,their leader were to be killed
by hanging!When I heard this,I fainted but later regained conciousness.My friend afterwards, told me
that she was uncomfortable with my
presence again.It was when I was leaving my friend's apartment I realized that my life wouldn't have been shameful this way if I had looked before I leapt.

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