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Read Poem - Mongo Park and The African Prences

 Read Poem  Mongo Park and The African Prences

 Read carefully...

Some say the world is sphere
And hard like coconut.
Others took time to compare
The world to fragile things.
But believe it or not
The truth was later born
When a brave and skinny guy
With the name Mungo Park
Began the journey.
Aided with his wrist-band compass,
And a few slaves to aid his conquest,
His voyage brought him to Africa’s grass,
Where he hope to solve this natures test.
But little did this brave Scotish explorer know,
His life was about to take an unusual flow.
At the beautiful trees he steared,
Smiling to the birds
Talking to his mind in agreement
As he studied every single moment.
In the large heart of
Caution he threw beyond countless

To explore mystery of her beauteous waters
In jointless mood
His moments fainted mute,
but in his heart,
Courageous to conquer.
Plenty fish were free,
Plenty meats were free,
Vegetables and fruits
And yam and cocoyam
At their finger tips.
Natural birds sang
For them to enliven
Fresh breezes blew
From trees to their skin
While meditating.
Everything was green
And well serene,
And their haggard skin
Were rejuvenating.
While Mungo Park and crew
Made all their tourings,
Rivering and foresting
Because of the princess Adaugo,
The land of Umu-ugo
They kept for resting.
So enchanted
By her neck of beads
With the waist that said to him
“Oh, white man, come and get me!”
The more
And more that Park drew near,
The princess with maids
Began to fear,
And feared
The sights
With no compare
To the black skin
They were born to wear.
The whirling wind of adventure
As it swept Park to our princess feet.
He would give anything to have her heart
Even murder his heart as a loving pact,
To relish her eternal kiss.
Park fantasy about Adaugo as the mother of
his half-cast kids.
“agadi chu gbu mgbada awanyor”
If he can get her in his dreams then its a reality
he must bring to the fore,
“Tomorrow i must make her know”,
He concluded with a warm smile,
As the awe cries of distant owl reminded him
the soil he lay.
Adorned in his weather beaten suit,
With his umbrella in hand,
He headed to the igwe palace,
Accompanied by his hired interpreter Alaeze.
The Igwe denied his ears,
” Tufia kwa!” his subjects echoed in unison,
” The gods will surely forsake us,
If this onye ọcha touches Adaugo.”,
Nwanani the priest prophesied.
Umu-ugo was in chaos,
As the wind of Park’s desire blew round the
Adaugo wasn’t caught up in the tension wind,
Somewhere in her heathen heart,
She knew there is a place for Mungo Park
Lo Secretly black and white met,
White promised black of a grandier life in
obodo oyinbo,
If only igwe will let go.
Oh, pretty Adaugo!
So drunk from the wine of Park’s tales
She made her intention known
To all the maids when intending
To elope with Mungo Park.
This life is too funny
And full of mysteries
For how ways lead unto ways
Has led Mungo Park,
The man from Scotland
From the ways of truth
To the ways of love
And made him ran far
In forest of Africa
With our ebony princess
Knowing fully well
The consequences
And the punishments
Should the king’s subjects
Caught up with him,
While running far away
With princess and his crew.
I won’t blame Mungo Park
If a man has not found
What he will die for,
He’s yet fit
To be called a man.
”It’s true, they say,
Uneasy lies the head
That will wear her crown.”
Park told his crew
“I’ve laid down my heart
And found Africa;
I must endure
For winning Adaugo
Will be the reward
For tortures we got
From mosquitos and cold
That paled our skin.”
Igwe in his raging tone, uttered,
“Call the servants and the guards,
Bring the gongs and the horns,
Let the town criers inform our people,
Of the missing state of our Princess, Adaugo”
The gongs went round every home
Drawing the attention of Umu-Ugo.
As the town criers made the anouncement
Of the missing princess,
The people mumured in deep shock
Tufiakwa! Abomination.
Silence grew in Umu-Ugo
As they all missed their lovely princess Adaugo.
In deep fear,
Igwe became so scared.
“Go insearch of her!”
He ordered the guards.
One after the other;
With hearts beating faster; reverberating
upon the ground,
They matched in their numbers.
Days after days, nights after nights
They pierced and comb through the forest.
Their princess they hope to find
At the gallant adventurer’s nest.
But little did this adventurer know
That the aborigines were the king of the forest.
Mungo Park would eat a humble pie
When the king’s subjects caught up with him.
Princess Adaugo
Became short of breath
So they rested
Under the canopy
Of a mango tree.
The breeze the mango tree gave was
The forest was no subject to the igwe,
But it seemed it was in support of his fervent
Because soon they settled down to rest
Sleep took hold of their bosom.
Park and his servant were still snoring,
When the guards found them,
And in bronze cast chains,
They were marshaled to the palace,
Where fury of the igwe,
And the shocking sights of the people awaits their return
What fate await this unfortunate adventurer and lover?
If not terror to be unleashed;
Courtesy of Igwe’s anger
As he waited hastily
For their story
Igwe roared in cold rage
His ears, he could not believe
As the chiefs met their startling gaze
At the news of Adaugo’s pregnancy
Which led her to elope afar.
In the raging dialect of the storms,
the silent trees babling in noisy waves.
Adaugo’s heart pond fast.
As she beheld the hands of her lover.
In grumbling hopes,
Adaugo woke the voiceless thumbs
Decayed with worries in Park’s bothered soul.
In his gentle heart,
Thinking about the rage painted on the igwe’s cruel smilling face,
Hearing the news of Adaugo’s sudden pregnancy for her lover.
With a heart filled with timid boldness,
Park the adventurer trudged ahead with his pretty princess.
To the mission he dream to accomplish.

what an adventurer ‘mungo park’
Wished he could see from afar
Wished he could smell the danger
In the igwe’s heart of hearts.
Roaring in cold rage
Igwe flipped his heavy hand
And stabbed Mungo Park
Which was but a swift attack
As he fell to the ground
Gasping hard in dripping blood
The princess uttered a single word
which was but a lenghty no
Only for her to suddenly woke
From such an epic dream
Back to Lynda, her normal self,
A fresh student of UNILAG
Who slept off while studying
Her lenghty HISTORY 102
Which was tale of Mungo Park.
Written by:
(1)Ambrose Anton Writes,
(2)Showunmi Olawale Michael,
(3)Eric S Alfred,
(4)Moses Opara
(5)Samuel Enunwa
On 07-11-2012 to 09-11-2012.
if you’ve not red my:

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