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2016/2017 Physics Students CBT JAMB Possible Objectives Questions & Answers

NigerianEdu.com is highly committed to add more value to all our student seeking for Exam as 2016/2017 JAMB CBT PHYSICS SAMPLE QUESTIONS is HERE FOR STUDENTS... 

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1. Which of the following is not a vector quantity
[a] Momentum
[b] Force
[c] Velocity
[d] Temperature
2. A boat man facing north wants to cross a flowing river to a point directly opposite it’s position at the other bank, if the river is following eastwards in what direction he row his boat?
[a]. East
[b] North-West
[c] North-East
[d] South-W
3. Which of the following is
scalar quantity?
[a] momentum
[b] Acceleration
[c] Displacement
[d] Distance
4. Each of the following physical quantities is classified as a vector or scalar quantity. Which of the classifications is correct?
[a] Electric potential [vector]
[b] momentum [scalar]
[c] Gravitational field intensity [scalar]
[d] Magnetic flux density [vector]
5. Two forces 3N and 4N act on a body in direction due north and due east
[a] 5N, 53O east of north
[b] 5N, 53O west of south
[c] 5N, 31O north of east
[d]7N, 37O west of north.
6. Which of the following pairs of physical quantities comprises vectors?
[a] Capacitance and inductance
[b] Force ratio and velocity ratio
[c] energy & power
[d] electric field potential and electric field intensity
7. I A scalar quantity has only magnitude II A scalar quantity has both magnitude and direction III A vector quantity has both magnitude and direction IV. A vector quantity has only magnitude. Which of the above statement is/are correct?
[a] I only
[b] I and II only
[c] I and III only
[d] II and III only
8. The magnitude of the resultant of two forces 12N and 5N acting at right angles is equal to
[b] 13N
[c] 49N
[d] 60N
9. Three non-parallel coplanar forces which can be represented both in magnitude and direction by the three sides of a triangles taken in order will
[a] have any one force being the equilibrant of the other two
[b] make a body move randomly
[c] make a body along a straight line
10. Two 10N Forces are inclined at 30% to each other, the magnitude of the result force is
[a] 5.2N
[b] 10.0N
[c] 16
[d] 19.3N
11. The resultant of two forces P and Q is least when the angle between them is
[a] 180O
[b] 45O
[c] 60O
[d] 90O
12. The component of a vector in a given direction is
[a] Equal to the magnitude of the resultant vector in that direction
[b] equal to the magnitude of the resultant vector in the opposite direction
[c] its effective value in that direction
[d] its effective value in the opposite direction.
13. A bus travelling at 15ms-2 acceleration uniformly at 4ms-2 . What is the distance covered in 10s.
[a] 150m
[b] 170m
[c] 350m
[d] 600m
14. A body moving with uniform acceleration has two points [5,15 and 20, 60] on the velocity time graph of its motion. Calculate a

[a] 0.25ms-2
[b] 3.00ms-1
[c] 4.00ms-2
[d] 9.00ms-2
15. A body accelerates uniformly from rest at the rate of 3ms-2 for 8 seconds. Calculate the distance covered by the body during the acceleration,
[a] 12m
[b] 24m
[c] 48m
[d] 96m
16. A ball is projected horizontally from the top of a hill with a velocity of 20ms-2, if it reaches the ground 4 seconds later, what is the height of the hill.
[a] 20m
[b] 40m
[c] 80m
[d] 160m
17.An object is projected with velocity of 100ms-2 from the ground level at an angle 0 to the vertical, if the total time of flight of the projectile is 10s calculate 0.
[a] 0O
[b] 30O
[c] 45O
[d] 60O
18. At what angle to the horizontal must the nozzle of a machine gun be kept when firing to obtain a maximum horizontal range for the bullets?
[a] 0.0O
[b] 22.5O
[c] 30.0O
[d] 45.0O
19. An orange fruit to the ground from the top of a tree 43m tall.
How long does it take to reach the ground? [g=10m-2]
[a] 3.05s
[b] 4.5s
[c] 6.0s
[d] 7.5s
20. A ball of mass 5.0kg hits a smooth vertical wall normally with a speed of 2ms-2 and rebounds with the same speed. Determine the impulse experienced by the ball.
[a] 20.0kgms-1
[b] 10.0kgms-1
[c] 5.0kgms-1
[d] 1.3kgms-1
21. A body of a mass 4.2kg moving with velocity 10ms-1 due east, hits a stationary body of mass 2.8kg. If they stick together after collision and move with velocity V due east, Calculate the V.
[a] 3ms-1
[b] 6ms-1
[c] 7ms-1
[d] 15ms-1s
22. The time rate of change of momentum is
[a] impulse
[b] force
[c] power
[d] pressure
23. A plane inclined at an angle of 30O to the horizontal has an efficiency of 50%. The force parallel to the plane required to push a load of 120N uniformly up the plane is
[a] 40V3N
[b] 60N
[c] 120N
[d] 200N
24. In which of the following simple machines is the efforts applied between the load and the fulcrum
[a] Scissors
[b] pliers
[c] wheel barrow
[d] sugar tongs
25. If the box X is pulled up from P to Q, which of the following expresses the velocity ratio of the inclined plane.
[a] PR/PQ
[b] QR/PQ
[c] QR/PR
[d] PQ/QR
26. A machine of velocity ratio 5 is used in lifting a load with an effort of 500 N. If the machine is 80% efficient, determine the magnitude of the load.
[a] 2500N
[b] 2000N
[c] 900N
[d] 625N
27. The velocity ratio of an inclined plane, inclined at an angle 0 to the horizontal can be expressed as
[a] [sin -1]
[b] [sin ]
[c] [Cos]
[d] [Cos ]
28. A block and tackle system has 6 pulleys. If the efficiency of the machine is 60%, determinate its mechanical advantage.
[a] 12.0
[b] 10.0
[c] 3.6
[d] 1.8
29. A machine of efficiency 80% is used to raise a body of mass 75kg through a vertical height of 3m in 30s. Calculate the power input.
[a] 9,4w
[b] 60.0w
[c] 15.0w
[d] 93.8w
30. A block and tackle system has 6 pulleys. If the efficiency of the machine is 60% determine its mechanical advantage.
[a] 12.0
[b] 10.0
[c] 3.6
[d] 1.8


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