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Possible Compiled Questions And Answers On Geography

The nigerianedu.com - Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. Geographers explore both the physical properties of Earth's surface and the human societies spread across it.
1. Which of the following statements best describes the population of southeast Asia.
a. high density and growth rate
b. low density and low great rate
c. low density and high growth rate
d. high density and high rate
2. In Nigeria, bays and headland are features associated with the
. North central highland
b. eastern scarpland
c. Sokoto Plains
d. Southern Coastlands
3. The common features of the middle course of ariver are
a. V-shaped valley and rapids
b. interlocking spurs and meanders
c. broad interfluves and distributaries
d. U-shaped valley and flood plains
4. The Mediterranean fruits are exported mainly to Western Europe rather than Africa because
a. Europe is closer to the Mediterranean than most parts of Africa
b. There is higher demands for fruits in West Europe than in Africa
c. Transport facilities between Africa and Western Europe are better

d. Africa produces more fruits than the Mediterranean region.
5. Most less developed nations are trade debtors because
a. of the gross inbalance in international trade
b. their currencies are weak
c. they import manufactured goods from industrialized nations
d. of their continous link with colonial masters
6. Nguru and Kaura Namoda settlements in Northern Nigeria are most notable for
a. terminal points for railway transportation
b. quarrying settlements
c. towns with the worst problems of water scarcity
d. high production centres for groundnuts
7. A form chemical weathering is
a. Exfoliation
b. shattering
c. carbonation
d. fragmentation
8. The contribution of agriculture to Nigeria’s GP has remained largely low owing to
a. lack of access to markets
b. inadequate labour supply
c. its predorminantly subsistence nature
d. low price of agricultural produce
9. A Metamorphosed form of shale is
a. marble
b. gneiss
c. quartzite
d. slate
10. An example of a climatic hazard is
a. earthquake
b. coastal erosion
c. hurricane
d. volcanic eruption
11. In East Afica, more variety of crops are grown than in West Africa because of
a. moderate rainfall
b. different agricultural system
c.different ranges of altitude
d. different soil types
12. Which of the following arranges the settlement types in descending order in terms of complexity of functions?
a. Metropolis, town, city, hamlet and village
b. Hamlet, village, town, city and metropolis
c. Metropolis, city, village, hamlet and town
d. Metropolis, city, town, village, and hamlet
13. The introduction of materials that have negative impacts on the ecosystem is known as
a. evaporation
b. transpiration
c. combustion
d. pollution
14. Lagos, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Calabar are cities which have attained considerable importance because they
a. are administrative capitals
b. are densely populated
c. have seaports
d. are cross roads of international airlines
15. Wind vane is used to record the
a. direction of the wind
b. force of the wind
c. type of wind
d. speed of the wind
16. Liberia, Malaysia and Indonesia are known for the production of
a. tea
b. coffee
c. rubber
d. cocoa
17. A boat building industry is least likely to be situated in
a. Kebbi state
b. Kano State
c. Kogi State
d. Taraba State
18. Which of the following is a major problem affecting the development of the southern coastlands of Nigeria?
a. Hilly terrain of the area
b. Ocean tides
c. Oil pollution and spillage
d. poor soil fertility
19. The actual physical place a settlement occupies is known as
a. Society
b. community
c. site
d. situation
20. The rise of Japan as an industrial nation owes much to
a. the cordial relationship with her neighbours
b. the abaundance of energy
c. the relentless efforts of her government
d. large population
21. Which of the following is a major mineral resources found in South Africa
a. Gold
b. Copper
c. Natural
d. Limestone
22. The main composition of coal is
a. quarlz
b. clay
c. iron
d. carbon
23. The column of ocean water moving from a low to a high latitude is described as a
a. cool ocean current
b. coastal tidal wave
c. warm ocean current
d. cold ocean current
24. A prominent erosional landform of wind action is a
a. seif
b. barchans
c. yardang
d. playa
25. In developing countries, the most inhibiting factor for industrialization is
a. multicultural economy
b. monocultural economy
c. diversified economy
d. capitalism
26. An effect of global warming is
a. rise in the volume of ocean waters
b. increase in atmosphere pressure
c. increase in cyclonic activities
d. reduction in green house emission
27. The zone which is rich in aluminium, iron, magnesium and clay substances is
a. Chorizon
b. Dhorizon
c. Bhorizon
d. Ahorizon
28. If the population of an area is 690 million and the land area is 300,000km2, the population density is approximately?
a. 230 persons per km2
b. 240 Persons per km2
c. 220 persons per km0
d. 210 persons per km2
29. A town that is situated where two river meet is a?
a. bridge town
b. confluence town
c. nodal town
d. coastal town
30. What is the shortest trade route linking Asia and Europe
a. Suez canal route
b. Thet Cape route
c. The trans-Pacific route
d. The Panama canal route

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