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Read English Language Pass Question

We the nigerianedu.com has for you the - Use this questions to answer from question 1 to 16 choose the option opposite in meaning to the word(s) or phrase in italics.
1. Prolonged strike action debilitated the industry.
a. invigorated b. weakened c. destroyed d. isolated
2. The Governor’s visit is an unprecedented event in the history of he social club.
A. With a pinch of salt B. Entirely C. Completely D. Without mincing words
3. The principal took exception to the Ignoble role the teacher played in the matter.
A. extraordinary B. Honorable C. Dis honorable D. Embarrassing
4. The hard-line posture of the labor leader has not helped matters.
A. Difficult B. Compromising C. Imposing D. Uncompromising
5. The high cost of living these days calls for a lot of frugality.
A. Recklessness B. Prudence C. Economy D. Extravagance
6. The evidence the leader gave was incontrovertible.
A. Indubitable B. Practicable C. Logical D. Contestable
7. Tunde’s reaction underscores the point I was making
A. Justifies B. Summarizes C. Contradicts D. Emphasizes
8. Everyone admired the manager’s adroit handling of the crises in the company.
A. Clumsy B. Skillful C. Clever D. Tactless
9. The chairman’s conduct redounds to the image of the company
A. Contributes to B. Reflects on C. Detracts from D. Assists in
10. Her phlegmatic temperament endears her to her friends.
A. Cold B. Irritable C. Stoic D. Lively
11. The President gave another extemporaneous speech last Friday. A. Fascinating B. Planned C. Unfavorable D. Unprepared
12. The witness averred that she had seen Dosun at the scene of the crime
A. Confirmed B. Denied C. argued D. affirmed
13. The workers suddenly became restive.
A. Fidgety Submissive C. Calm D. Disorderly
14. The athlete has unexpectedly become indomitable.
A. Unruly B. Disoriented C. Unconquerable D. Weak
15. He is notorious for his drunkenness.
A. Known B. Well known C. Renowned D. Popular
16 The organization is constantly in a state of flux.
A. The organization is facing a difficult period B. The organization is C. There are period changes in the organization D. The organization is experiencing good times
Use this question to answer following question, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence.
17. His meteoric rise to fame surprised everyone
A. His rise to fame was only temporary B. People were amazed at his rapid success C. He became successful very suddenly D. He rose to the top quite unexpectedly
18. The politician was pilloried by the press for his inflammatory remarks.
A. The politician was ridiculed by the press for his remarks B. The politician was closely questioned by the press for his remarks C. The politician was snubbed by the press for his remarks
D. The politician was criticized by the press for his remarks
19. Audu was taken bad in the middle of the night
A. He was drunk B. He was ill C. He was robbed D. He was caught
20. After the successful operation, he recovered by leaps and bounds
A. He used to jog regularly B. His well-bound wounds aided his recovery C. He got well very rapidly D. He did a lot of keep-fit exercises

Read the passage and answer the question that follows
If our thought is to e clear and we are to succeed in communicating it to other people, we must have some method of fixing the meaning of the words we use. When we use a word whose meaning is not certain, we may well be asked to define it. There is a useful traditional device for doing this by indicating the class to which whatever is indicated by the term belongs, and also the particular property which distinguishes it from all other members of the same class. Thus we may define a whale as a marine animal that spouts. Marine animals in this definition indicates the general class to which the whale belongs, and spouts indicates the particular property that distinguishes whales from other such marine animals as fishes, seals, jellyfish and lobsters. In the same way, we can define an even number as a finite integer divisible by two, or a democracy as a system of government in which the people themselves rule.

There are other ways, of course, of indicating the meanings of words. We may, for example, find it hard to make a suitable definition of the word animal, so we say that an animal is such a thing as a rabbit, dog, fish or goat. Similarly, we may say that religion is such a system as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. This way of indicating the meaning of a term by enumerating examples of what it includes is obviously of limited usefulness. If we indicated our use of the animal as above, our hearers might, for example, be doubtful whether a sea anemone or a slug was to be included in the class of animals. It is, however, a useful way of supplementing a definition if the itself is definite without being easily understandable.

Failure of an attempt at definition to serve its purpose may result from giving as distinguishing mark one which either does not belong to all the things the definition is intended to include, or does belong to some members of the same general class which the definition is intended is intended to exclude.

21. The expression we may well be asked as used in the passage means.
A. We cannot escape being asked B. It is inconceivable that we will be asked. C. The listener is always justified to ask questions D. It is quite likely that we will be asked

22. From the passage, which of these is a disadvantage of defining by enumeration.
A. The property and examples enumerated may not be all-inclusive B. The words or objects listed may not all share similar characteristics C. Many important members of the group may be left out of the enumeration D. Enumeration always leaves doubts in the mind of the speaker
23. One of these summarizes the approaches to definition discussed in the passage.
A. Giving general and specific features followed by examples of what the object or word includes B. Specifying clearly what distinguishes a particular word or object from its traditional groups
C. Mentioning the Class of a word or object with its specific property D. Indicating the class of a word and mentioning its general property with examples.

24 The writer uses the expression fixing the meaning of the words we use to mean.
A. getting even with the people who always ask for definitions B. Repairing the damage done by inadequate definition during communication C. Using definitions to help people communicate their thoughts and argue logically D. Using definitions to help build up their vocabulary
25. Which of the following statements can be deduced from the passage?
A. accurate definition is invaluable to communication but difficult to achieve B. There are both traditional and modern methods of defining words C. Every speaker or writer has a method of defining words D. Definitions aid communication when enumeration is accurately handled
26. -
From the option lettered A-D Choose the most appropriate word that completes the sentence
27. ......any problems, I shall travel to London tomorrow on a business trip.
A. Barring B. In spite of C. In case of D. Given
28. Musa has lived here for five years but he does not seem able to get over the enormously....... and elaborate rules that govern the society.
A. Absurd B. Bizarre C. Fantastic D. Intricate

29. The match gave the team a chance to show their.......
A. Position B. Mettle C. Prowess D. Worth

In this question, the word in capital Letters has the emphatic stress. Choose the option to which the given sentence relates
30. Your mother CAN cook the meal
A. Can my father cook the meal ?
B. Who will cook the meal
C. What can my mother do?
D. Isn’t my mother able to cook the meal
31. The EAGLES won the match
A. Did the Eagles win the match
B. Who won the match?
C. Did the Eagles lose the match?
32. Choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by letters underlined
A. Gourd
B. Chat
C. Guide
D. Argue

In these question, the word in capital letters has the emphatic stress. Choose the option to which the given sentence relates.
33. My mother bought a BICYCLE yesterday.
A. Whose mother bought a bicycle yesterday? B. When did my mother buy a bicycle? C. What did my mother buy yesterday? D. Did my mother steal a bicycle yesterday?
34. AMINA went to Abuja by air.
A. Who went to Abuja by air? B. Did Amina go to Jos air? C. Is Amina going to Abuja by air? D. Did Amina go to Abuja by road?

35. Musa is STAYING in Enugu.
A. Is Adudu staying in Enugu? B. Is Musa passing through Enugu? C. Is Musa staying on the outskirts of Enugu? D. Was Musa staying in Enugu?
In this question, choose the option that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.
36. Vision
A. enclosure B. Nation C. Instruction D. Mansion
In this question, choose the option that has the same Vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.
37. Luck
A. Brother B. lock C. lack D. turn

38. Beer
A. pear B. pier C. fair D. bear
In this question, choose the appropriate stress pattern from the options, The syllables are written Capital Letter
39. VAledictory
A. Valedictory B. vaLEdictory C. valeDICtory D. valedicTORY
40. congratuLAtion
A. conGRAtulation B. CONgratulation C. congraTUlation D. congratuLAtion
In this question, choose the most appropriate stress pattern from the options. The stressed syllables are written in capital letters.
41. conSPIracy
A. CONspiracy B. conSPIracy C. conspiRAcy D. conspiraCY
Choose the words nearest in meaning to the underlined words
42. Today’s weather is favorable for a game of tennis.
A. Disapproving B. Encouraging C. Impartial D. Abnormal
43. All the candidates looked aghast at the first reading of the questions. A. Relaxed B. Satisfied C. Fulfilled D. Dismayed
44. Joke gave Muhammed a jaunty smile.
A. a cheerful B. A frightful C. a discouraging D. an inviting
45. The first round of the tournament was a doddle.
a. Exasperating b. Dodgy c. easy d. balanced
46. The lazy man cast a lustful glance at this neighbor’s wife.
A. Envious B. Covetous C. Hateful D. Quick
47. They accused him of fomenting political unrest.
A. guiding B. Preventing C. inciting D. discouraging
48. You can learn a great deal just from watching other playing
A. discover B. allow C. invent D. accumulate
49. All the researchers were asked to gather information on the new viral infection.
a. give b. distort c. collect d. disseminate
50. The dispute between the two countries has resulted in the severing of diplomatic relations.
a. Strengthening b. swapping c. breaking d. securing
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