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The 2016/2017 JAMB UTME Possible Questions And Answers On Christian Religious Studies [C.R.S]



1. Paul advised Christians in Thessalonica to keep away from any brother who is
A. Living in idleness B. Not proclaiming the gospel C. Living in sin D. Very stingy in giving

2. Saul disobeyed God’s command through samuel because
A. The people wanted to desert him B. Samuel did not come early for the sacrifice C. He was misled by the people D. He feared the people and obeyed their voice

3. According to Paul, the second coming of chist will take place
A. In our life time B. When sin shall be no more C. Suddenly and
unexpectedly D. After the rieng of the saints.

4. According to james, effectie prayer is that which is offered
A. in faith B. With emotion C. Silently D. Loudly
5. In the story of the transfiguration of Jesus, Moses and Elijah represented the
A. End of the age B. Old testament priests C. Law and the prophets D. Glory of God
6. “Fear not, stand firm and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will work for you today.” Moses made this statement when the Isrealites.
A. Were faced with hunger and death at the Wilderness of Sin B. Became afriad of thunder and light C. Were suddenly attacked by the Amalekites D. Were trapped between the host of Egypt and the Red Sea.
7. Hosea’s message to Isreal is centred on
A. Divine love B. Divine punishment C. The day of judgment D. Social justice
8. One important fact that Mary brought out in Jesus’ miracle of changing water to wine is that she
A. Was a sister of the bride groom B. Had a deep insight of her son and His abilities C. Must intercede for a miracle to occur D. Attended marriage feasts regularly.
9. The effect of Stephen’s death on the early church was that
A. It united the church B. Christianity was spread to the non-jews C. The believers were arrested D. It weakened the faith of the apostles
10. According to the Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians, when God reconciled believers to Him through Christ, He gave them the
A. Grace to be his friends B. Ability to sin no more C. World to protect D. Ministry of reconciliation
11. The enormity of the sins before Josiah’s reforms was exemplified by their failure to keep the passover since.
A. They were brought out of Egypt B. The days of the judges of Isreal C. The days of all the kings D. The days of Manasseh
12. The decision at the Council of Jerusalem laid to rest the issue of
A. Abstaining from unchasity B. Circumcision before one can be saved C. Abstaining from the pollutions of idols D. Circumcision of all Gentiles for Christ
13. According to Paul, Christian should forgive one another so that
A. Satan may not gain advantage over them B. They may not perish in sin C. God may forgive them D. Their prayers may be heard by God in Heaven
14. David gave Uriah leave to go to his house and wash his feet so as to
A. Find an excuse to charge him for desertion B. Conceal his adultery with Bathsheba C. Compensate him for fighting brave for Isreal D. Give him time for relaxation
15. According to Jeremiah, the new covenant is based on
A. Righteosness B. Providence C. Circumcision D. Restoration
16. During the journey of the Isrealites in the wilderness, God led them in the day in the form of
A. Pillar B. Cloud C. Light D. Fire
17. Consequent upon the murder of Naboth by Ahab, God declared that
A. Ahab’s descendants would never ascend the throne in Isreal B. Dogs would lick Ahab’s blood where Naboth’s blood was licked C. He would require the blood of Naboth from Ahab’s hand
D. The sword will never depart from Ahab’s house
18. what effect did the death of Animias and Sapphira have on the Early Church?
A. Many more disciples were won to God B. Apostle Peter was highly respectde C. The discples became more united D. Great fear gripped all that ere there
19. “Did not our hearts burn within us while he taled to us.” The statement above shows the regret of
A. Cleopas and one other disciple B. Peter’s audience at the pentecost C. Cornelius and his friend D. The tweleve after his arrest
20. At shechem, God appeared to Abraham and told him that
A. He should continue on his journey southwards B. The land would be given to his descendants C. He should settle there with his descendants D. He should leave his country
21. The parable which teaches the need for love for one’s neighbours is that of the
A. Mustard seed B. Wheat and tares C. Sower D. Good samaritan
22. What did paul advise the philipians to manifest as a virture of humility?
A. Counting others equal to them B. Counting others as better than themselves C. Taking the lowest seat in a gathering D. Regarding themselves as superior to others
23. According to David in the Psalms, God forvives sin so that
A. The sinner may not perish B. He may be praised C. He may be praised D. The unrighteous may know Him.
24. A good example of nature miracles performed by Jesus was that of
A. Casting out demons B. Healing the leper C. Calming the storm D. Raising the dead
25. The vision of the dry bones by Ezekiel portrays
A. Famine B. Judgement C. Punishment D. Hope
26. How did King Solomon demonstrate his wisdom in setting the dispute over the ownership of a baby by the two prostitutes?
A. He interrogated them for seven days until the truth was discovered B. He interrogated them for only three days and the truth was revealed C. He threatened to give the child to a neutral woman and the mother was known D. He asked them to divide the child into two and the mother was known
27. Paul’s prayer for the philippians was that God who inspired them to give him gifts would surely
A. Accept their offering B. Enrich them on earth C. Supply all their needs D. Receive all the glory.
28. One of the effects of Solomon’s marriage to foreign women was that
A. He desecrated the Temple of God B. He lost all wisdom from God C. He ceded part of his kingdom to them D. His heart was turned after other gods.
29. Accoding to Paul, spiritual gits are for the benefit of the
A. Infrastructure of the church B. Corporate life of the Bod of Christ C. Edification of the Lord D. Individual members of the congregation
30. When Daniel and his friends refused to defile themselves with the king’s food, God gave them
A. An angel to protect them B. Vegetables and water only C. The skill to interpret dreams D. Skill in letters and wisdom.
31. “Behold, this has touched your lips; your guilt is taken away, and you sin forgiven....”
The statement above during Isaiah’s call shows.
A. That God will only use sinners to glorify Him B. God’s willingness to physically take away sin C. God’s abilitity D. That God adequately equips His messengers
32. “You have nothing to do with us in building a house to our God...” This statement above made by Zerubbabel and others resulted in
A. The delay in building the Temple B. The people rising against their leader C. The people disobeying King Cyrus’ orders D. Inciting the Jideans against their leader .
33. “Who ever does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.” This statement made by Jesus means that
A. On must be prepared to disown his parents B. His followers must carry a cross C. Following him demands total surrender and commitment D. Following Him leads to death on the cross
34. “....My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you have made it a den ot robbers.....” Just before making this statement, Jesus
A. Went out of the Temple B. Locked out of the Temple C. Taught those who sold in the Temple D. Drove out those who sold in the Temple
35. Jesus as the good shepherd was loved by the father because He
A. Loved the sheep B. Tended the sheep C. Understood the needs of the sheep D. Laid down His life for the sheep
36. Elijah killed four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal on the Mount Carnel after God has shown His
A. Holiness B. Omnipresence C. Righteousness D. Supremacy
37. The wise men from the East were able to know about the birth of Jesus becuase they were
A. Star-worshippers B. Astrologers C. Explorers D. Geographers
38. When Jesus was sent to Herod for trail, he was very glad to see Him because he
A. Had wanted to punished Jesus for calling him a fox B. Had long desired C. Knew Jesus would bless him D. Wated Jesus to preach to him.
39. Nehemiah, while in exile functioned as the king’s
A. Servant B. Gaurd C. Cupbearer D. Adviser
40. According to Peter, the fact that judgement would begin with the household of God means that
A. All must face God’s judgment day B. Avoidance of persecution would lead nowhere C. The persecution of Christians would be less severe D. Christians shold court persecution to win glory
41. The name of the subject you are doing is
A. Mathematics B. Christian Religious Knowledge C. Biology D. Government
42. Joseph’s foresight as a leader was exemplified in his
A. Forgiving his brother for selling him into slavery B. Storing food for seven years of famine C. Managing the house of pharaoh very well D. Service to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh
43. The Christian concept of justification is that
A. Through fiath in Christ, the sinner is regarded as guiltless before God B. By his natural wisdom, a sinner could be reconciled to God C. By one’s effort in keeping the Law, man is perfect before God. D. Through his own knowledge, man can do what is pleasing to God.
44. The Christian concept of justification is that
A. Alexander B. Demetrius C. Gaius D. Aristarchus
45. Who are referred to as the salt of the earth by Jesus in His teaching on the Mount?
A. Those who are condemned for His sake B. Those who are meek C. The scribes D. His disciples
46. God’s pardon of the people of Nineveh of teaches a lesson on the benefits of
A. Wisdom B. Repentance C. Justice D. Faith
47. The golden calf which Aaron made for Isreal was an evidence of
A. An attempt to revolt against God B. Lack of faith in God C. Their fear of the Cannanites D. A plot to replace Moses
48. “Son of man, can these bones live?
What was God’s purpose in asking Ezekiel the question above?
A. To test Ezekiel’s obedience B. To express faith in man’s ability C. To bring to bear the disobiedience of Isreal D. To show His supremacy
49. The failure of Rehoboam to heed to the advice of the old men resulted in
A. the war agaisnt Jeroboam B. Division of the kingdom C. The attack by the Philistines D. Famine in the land.
50. Behold, you are old and your sons do not walk in your ways”. The Isrealites made this statement to Samuel becuase his sons.
A. Disregarded the advice of Isreal’s elders B. Considered themselves above the people C. Had immoral dealings with women D. Took bribes and perverted justice.


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