Saturday, 15 October 2016

Use This Tips To Increase And Develop Your Mental Accuracy

Read carefully - I have had so many people complain about their low mental ability and activeness thereby arriving at the conclusion that they aren't just fit for formal education so should just opt in for something less brainy.

Having high mental activeness goes far beyond the school thing. It is needed in all ratification of life. In daily activities and relation with friends.

How fast can you think ?

How quick can you proffer solutions to issues ?

How best can you approach critical matters ?

Take it or you leave it, no one is born dull, we were all born with
equal mental status but the way we develop it is what matters and differs.

The area where you channel your thinking and concentration also determines where you will be best active.

What stuffs do you do ?

What do you read ?

What type of games do you play ?

What type of mental challenges do you engage in ?

I happend to chat with a friend in one of my semesters in school. He was the best student in the department. We were walking down the road one fateful day, when we met a girl whom my friend attend a secondary school with. They exchanged greetings and departed.

After a little stroll, he told me " that girl was the most brilliant girl in our school then. MY BRAIN WAS DEAD THEN, he concluded"

I wondered within me, a once dead brain now the best. There was a transformation, a discovery and an awakening. Are you reading this and you hope to be better mentally, it is very much possible.

What you do with your brain is what your brain will perform. The theory is garbage in-gabage out. The more you invest in your brain, the more productive it becomes.

As a student or non student, the best asset and resource you can have apart from time is your brain.

When it comes to the functioning of your brain and your memory the saying is “use it or lose it”. But there are plenty of other things you can do to stay mentally sharp and keep your memory strong.

The operation of the brain is like a machine, the more you use it, the more active and the less you use it the less active.

There are even ways to get a better memory at any age, with science showing us that neuroplasticity puts an end to the thinking that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

 For humans anyway, anything is possible.

Your age has nothing to do with you sharpness, don't say you will get mentally better when you grow,NO pursue it NOW!

I have been to school and I know you have bee there also, you will agree with me that the best thing that can happen to you, earn you respect and good reputation is your high mental accuracy. Forget the swag and pretty look thing.

Below I will be stating some crucial things that will help boost your brain.

1. Dare Your Brain:

 it is important that you dare you brain. Challenge it, test your self. You know your capacity, desire to step above it. Get involved in more brainy and tasking things.

2. Take Foods That Will Help Your Brain :

Seriously there foods that will help build your accuracy, don't just eat any thing called food. Get things that springs up your mental ability.

3. Quit Negative Intake :

Drugs doesn't make you sharper or wiser neither does smoking does but you taking decent and good things makes you better.

Google up the adverse effect of drug and smoking to the brain and see for yourself.

4. Play Brain Boosting Games :

One thing you might not know is that there are some games that help you improve mentally. Quit those shooting and sex games and go for good ones. They are all over the net.

5. What You Hear And See :

What you hear and see store more in your brain and can be easily remembered. So the questions are ;

What do you Hear ?

What do you See or Watch ?

Some other things that will improve you mentally are

6. Investing in books,

7. Developing desire for learning,

8. Practicing often,

9. Engaging in sensible and developing chats and talks,

10. Relating with people who are mentally sharp.

11. Becoming observant etc.

You can make it.

Its not time to give up, the best you can be is you.


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