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Short Stories: The Magic Cave

 Short Stories: The Magic Cave
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One day Jaymi and her two friends April and Amanda were walking just outside of town. April happened to look up and saw the cave. “I never saw that there before.” said April. Jaymi and Amanda agreed they'd never seen it either. April said “Let's go up and take a look at it” so they climbed up to the Hill to see the cave. They were standing at the entrance to the cave, the cave went back about 50 feet and in back they could see a light. There was no one around so they decided to go in and take a look at it. When they got to the back of the cave, Jamie put her hand on the stone that was lit up. She said “This stone is very smooth and it is cool too.” Then April came up and put her hand on the stone and she agreed, she said “Come here Amanda you have to feel this.”

 As soon as Amanda put her hand on the stone there was an explosion and a bright light. The three girls were knocked off their feet. When the girls got to
their feet, April was complaining about her butt hurting, Jaymi said “You are not hurt, Goober, you have enough padding on your bobo you can't get seriously hurt.” Amanda said “Be nice to April.” Jaymi said “My uncle says bobo is just a polite word for butt, and when someone says something stupid you can call them a Goober, when they say something really stupid, then you can call them a Dillweed.” April said “let's get out of here before something else happens.”
So the girls walked to the entrance of the cave, when they got out of the cave they started to look around, Amanda said “where are we?, were not home anymore.” Jaymi said “let's get on top of that hill over there maybe we can figure out where we are.”

So they climb the hill and started looking around. April said “those look like dinosaurs, but dinosaurs are extinct, where are we?” Jaymi said “It looks like that cave send us back in time because those are tyrannosaurs over there. Those are woolly mammoths over there by the river, and it looks like there's some saber tooth tigers laying there watching them.” Amanda suddenly said “Everyone duck.” So all three girls layed flat on the ground and big black shadow went over them, when they stood up April said “What was that?” Jaymi said “That looked like a pterodactyl and I think he was looking for dinner. I think he wanted us for dinner.” Amanda said Let's get back to the cave where we're safe, then maybe we can figure out how to get out here.” So they went back to the cave.

When they got inside the cave April said “Well, we all touched the stone then there was an explosion and we ended up here. Maybe if we touch the stone again it will take us back home.” Amanda and Jaymi thought about it for a minute then they nodded in agreement. All three slowly moved their hands forward until they touched the rock again, there was another explosion an another bright light and they were all knocked off their feet again.
When they got up and went to the entrance they could tell they were not with the dinosaurs anymore. They went to a nearby hill to look around when they got on top of the hill they saw hundreds of slaves being forced to move giant blocks.

They could see a pyramid nearby that was half finished. Jaymi had a big smile on her face, she said “We are in ancient Egypt watching them build a pyramid. How many people can say they saw a pyramid being built?” April said “look at our clothes, we are dressed like slaves, how did that happen?” “I don't know.” Jaymi said “We had better stay hidden or we may end up being slaves.” Amanda said “Look over there isn't that the Sphinx? It even has a nose.” Jaymi said “You're right that is the Sphinx. “No one really knows how the Sphinx lost his nose.” Jaymi said. “The most common theory is that when Napoleon was there in 1798 his men shot it off, but there are pictures from before Napoleon that show the nose was gone long before Napoleon got there. There are others that say the weather eroded it.

Another theory is Alexander the great had taken off because he did not want anyone to know who actually made the sphinx.” April said “We better get back to the cave and try again and see if we can get home before we get caught and become slaves. So the girls went back to the cave. When they got to the back of the cave they all touched the stone again. Bang! Flash of light, and they were all on the floor again. They picked themselves up there wondering where they went this time. They walk out of the cave and the first thing he saw was a big castle.
There's a bunch people standing along the road watching a bunch of knights going towards the castle. April said “we are in England in the time of King Arthur, that looks like King Arthur and the Knights of his Roundtable. After all the knights went into the castle and everybody else went on their way. A young girl came up to them and said “Are you new here? I didn't know there were any other girls my age here.” April said “we're just visiting.” The girl said “My name is Morgan.

It'll be nice to have someone to play with as long as you're here, I get bored being all alone. My mother is one of the maids in the castle” April said “I am April, and these are my friends Jaymi and Amanda.” Morgan said “Would you like to go in the castle I know secret entrance. If you girls can be quiet we can even watch the Knights of the round table.” The girls put their heads together and decided they would like to, so they followed Morgan to the back of the castle.

 Morgan took them to a small door in the back of the castle she opened the door and let them in. “Now you have to be very quiet.” She said “We could get in a lot of trouble for this.” Morgan took them up three staircases then she took them to a balcony and down below they could see the roundtable and knights all around it. Merlin was sitting there next to King Arthur and King Arthur had his sword Excalibur at his side.

They were too for a way to hear anything, but they enjoyed looking down at King Arthur and the Knights of the round table and watching them. After little while Jaymi turned to Morgan and whispered “this was fun, but it's time for us to go, will you show us the way out?” So Morgan took him down the stairs and back out the back door, they thanked Morgan, then they said goodbye and hugged and headed back toward the cave. In the cave they went back to the stone and touched it again. Bang! A flash of light. The girls were sitting down again hoping they were back home this time.

When the girls left the cave the found the were not far from London England. They decided to walk to London because they wanted to looked at it while they were there. When they got to London they saw a sign that read “Special Titanic train, come down to the harbor and watch the big ship depart for America.”
So they got on the train and went down to the harbor at Southampton. When the girls saw the ship they were amazed at the size of it. Amanda said “I know a lot about the Titanic, I did report on it for school not too long ago.”
Then Amanda started rattling off facts. “The Titanic was 882'9" long 92'6" wide and 104' high, that is one big ship. The ship is run by steam engines, the ship can hold 7700 tons of coal. Just the Rudder on the ship is 78'8" high 15'3" wide and weighs 100 tons.

When they left on the maiden voyage they had 324 first-class passengers, 84 second-class passengers, and 709 third class or steerage passengers they also had a crew of 800 people . The ship had 16 lifeboats and 4 collapsible lifeboats. It wasn't near enough for all the passengers and crew, but it was all the laws of that time said they had to have.”
“Look” said Jaymi “It is starting to move.” As it was leaving the harbor it almost ran into another boat that got torn from it's mooring. A tugboat was able to grab hold of the boat and keep it away from the Titanic. The Titanic left safely.
Amanda continued as they headed back to the cave. 'This must be April 10, 1912 that was the day the Titanic left Southampton on its maiden voyage.

 Just four days from now on the night of April 14 that beautiful ship is going to run into an iceberg and in just a few hours the unsinkable Titanic will sink to the bottom of the Atlantic. There are some discrepancies as to exactly how many people were lost that night it is somewhere around 1500 people.

 The sad thing is a lot more could have been saved if the crew had had the right training and knew how to use the lifeboats they had. A few days after the accident the maritime laws were changed so that all ships had to have enough lifeboats for everybody on the ship.” Then they went back into their cave to try again to see if they could get home. Bang and another flash of light and the girls were picking themselves up off the floor again. “I wonder where we are this time” said April “I sure hope we are home our parents must be worrying about us by now.”
At they got near the entrance to the cave. April said “I don't think were home wherever we are it is very hot and dry.” Then they walked out of the cave. They immediately saw a huge construction project April said “I know where we are. We are near black canyon on the Colorado River. They are building the Hoover dam. That settlement there must be Boulder Nevada.

It was set up for the construction workers so they would have a place to live while they were working on the dam. There is also another little settlement in the bottom of the river where more construction workers are living.” Jaymi said “How can they live in the river?” April said “They made four huge tunnels into the banks on the side of the river and they diverted the river through the tunnels, then they built two small dams to make sure no water came down into the construction project when they were working on the dam. They started working on the dam in 1931 but didn't finish it to 1936. This must be 1935 because it looks like they're getting ready to dedicate the dam. The dam was dedicated in September 1935 because Pres.

 Roosevelt was in Nevada at the time and they wanted him to be at the dedication. The dam was not finished until about a year later. The dam was 726 feet high and 1244 feet long is 45 feet wide at the top and 600 feet wide at the bottom. Highway 93 runs across the top of the dam connecting Las Vegas Nevada with Kingman Arizona. One thing that came out of construction of Hoover dam was hard hats. Some of the workers got tired of things falling on their heads so they took some cloth hats and dip them in tar. When the tar hardened the hats were very hard. The falling things did not bother them anymore. The company like them an order enough hardhats for everybody who worked on the dam.

As early as the 1960s they were talking about building a bypass because the road down to the dam had several hairpin turns and very poor visibility making it very dangerous. After 9/11 they would no longer allow the big trucks and buses over the dam so they had to detour through Laughlin Nevada and Bullhead city Arizona. In 2003 the work started on the bypass bridge, it was open on October 19, 2010. It is the second highest bridge in the United States the roadway is 900 feet above the Colorado River. The bridge is 1900 feet long it has two lanes of traffic in each direction and a bicycle lane.” The girls were very hot and decided they had seen enough of the desert.

 So they went back to the cave. They were getting homesick so they went in the cave and touch the stone again another explosion another flash of light. Where would the girls end up this time?
As the girls got to their feet and got to the edge of the cave they could hear a woman talking in a loud voice. There was a bunch of shepherds all around and they were looking up in the sky, the girls looked up and they saw an angel.

The angel was saying “Do not be afraid for I bring you good news, for tonight, in the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, a Savior is born, his name is Jesus and he has come to save all people. You will find him lying in a manger wrapped in strips of cloth.” Then the heavens were filled full of Angels, Angels were singing GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST AND PEACE ON EARTH TO ALL MEN.” After the angels left the shepherds all got together and they were talking about what happened and what the angel said. They decided they had better go to Bethlehem and see this savior that the Angels were singing about. The girls decided to follow because they wanted to see him too.

So the girls followed along behind the shepherds and when the shepherds got to Bethlehem and found the stable, they went in to see the Savior. When they saw him they knelt down and prayed and praised God thanking him for this great gift. They talked with Mary and Joseph for a few minutes and then got up and left.

After the shepherds left, the girls came in and saw the baby Jesus sleeping in the manger. The girls were afraid to get too close. Mary said “Come, and sit down near me. Would you like to hold the baby Jesus?” The girls nodded, they were too afraid to say anything. So Mary took Jesus and gently laid him down in Jaymi's arms, then Amanda's, and then April's. They each held the baby for 3 min. and 16 seconds. After Mary took the baby from April she put him back in the manger and then they talked for a few minutes then the girls said they had to go. Before they left Mary said “You have seen a lot tonight, now it is time for you to go home. When you get there you will tell all your friends and relatives about all you seen and done. Go now and have a good trip home.”
On the way back to the cave April said “Jaymi, your glowing.” Jaymi said “you are too and so is Amanda.”
When they got back to the cave Jaymi said “That rock is not glowing like it was. I hope we get home this time.”

Then they all touched the rock one more time. The explosion wasn't as big, the flash wasn't as bright. It did not even knock them off their feet that time. Then Amanda looked and said “I hope we're home now because that rock is not even glowing anymore.” Jaymi and April looked. April said “It looks just like any other rock now.”
As they started to walk out the cave Jaymi heard brrrrrrg. Jaymi sat straight up in her bed and reached over and slapped her alarm clock. She said to herself “Wow! What a dream, I have to tell April and Amanda about it.”

One more thing I bet you're wondering why the girls each held the baby Jesus for only 3 min. and 16 seconds. If you have not figured out by now I will tell you it because John 3:16 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. This is my interpretation of it. GOD LOVED US SO MUCH HE SEND HIS SON DOWN HERE TO DIE FOR US AND TO SAVE US SO THAT WE DO NOT HAVE TO DIE, AND SOME DAY WE WILL GO TO HEAVEN AND LIVE WITH HIM.

by Arnold Nelson




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